Templates and tools

Save time when creating core documents for your department by using a template. 


See how your function compares with those we have reviewed.

Difficult conversations

Take a few minutes for this practical refresher on managing difficult conversations. It is for audit leaders and auditors alike.

Findings matrix for the audit committee

Show the audit committee that your function is conforming to best practice. The findings matrix allow the audit committee to asses and monitor how your team is performing.

Internal audit charter

Use our template as the basis to write a charter that defines internal audit's purpose, authority, responsibility and position within your organisation.

Intranet content

Raise the profile of internal audit within your organisation by explaining how you and your team support the business's strategic objectives.

Job descriptions

Browse through our range of job description samples that will assist you in recruiting the right team member.

Terms of reference / Letter of engagement

This template sets out the terms of reference and scope of an internal audit assignment.

The art of critical thinking

Take a few minutes for a quick, practical refresher on the art of critical thinking. It is for audit leaders and auditors alike. We look at why it is important, top tips and some practical tools chosen specifically for auditors.

The art of persuasion

Persuasion gives ideas traction. It is a critical skill for auditors at all stages of their career, which is why it is part of the Institute’s competency framework. Read on to see why it is important.