About us

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors is the only professional association for internal auditors in the UK and Ireland.

We are passionate about our members and our profession.

Audit Leaders is our exclusive service for members at the top of the internal audit profession.

Inspire, inform, and support your teams. Build partnerships with management and governance leaders.

It will enable you to:

  • Add value to your organisation and build the internal audit brand. It will help develop your business knowledge and interpersonal skills to make you more influential and allow you to engage with senior management in a more collaborative, consultative way.
  • Understand complex and emerging risks by keeping up to date with technological, business and environmental trends.
  • Develop the internal audit function to create a high-performing team who can go beyond the 'technical' audit to deliver real value to the business.
  • Be informed of legislation and regulatory changes.
  • Network with peers to learn, share and debate ideas confidentially.

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What our members think

From what I have seen here - it's comparable to the best materials I get from the others

- Head of internal audit, private sector