Technology and digital innovation

Technology and digital innovation is moving at a rapid pace, putting pressure on internal audit leaders to ensure their organisation is using robust approaches around investment in new technologies.

Internal audit leaders must also strike a balance by not slowing or standing in the way of rapid innovation, while providing assurance and risk mitigation. Here, you can find guidance and advice on the hot topics in digital innovation and how you can identify and act on the latest technological threats and opportunities.

A CAE’s guide to emerging techology
A summary of the latest thinking, top risks and considerations into how audit leaders might approach technological assurance in the digital age.

Algorithms: what every auditor needs to know
What risks is your organisation exposed to by the algorithms that are used?

Artificial intelligence: opportunity or threat?
How internal audit can provide assurance that their organisations artificial intelligence strategy is being managed effectively.

Automation and the future of jobs
Dr Nicola Millard discusses how we can use robots and automation to enhance our working lives.

Automating compliance assurance
In this paper we consider the potential impact of AI on automated compliance assurance. 

Blockchain: threat or opportunity?
Key risks of blockchain and how your team can provide assurance.

Cloud computing governance
Audit leaders have a role to ensure their audit committee maintains pace with important issues and key developments. We draw on the NAO insights and consider actions for audit leaders.

Cyber security: Non-negotiable basics
Key points to consider when thinking about emerging technologies and your organisation’s cyber protection.

Data analytics in internal audit: weighing the benefits
How you can use data analytics to provide greater assurance to your audits.

Digitalising internal audit
The hypothetical case of the contemporary v the establishment: an alternative approach to the topic of digitalising the internal audit function.

Digital media and the role of internal audit
Digital is part of our everyday lives, how is your audit team providing assurance?

Financial services technology
The digital age is changing all aspects of financing. Internal auditors need to be tech savvy to provide the level of assurance that audit committees are, or should be, asking for. Are you ready?

Internet of Everything - a connected, intelligent world
The risks facing organisations utilising the Internet of Everything.

Internet of Things has arrived
As your organisation harnesses the IoT, read how your team can provide assurance on the new risks.

The pace of innovation - keeping up
Ensure your team is able to provide assurance in a constantly changing environment.