Automation and the future of jobs

Automation will take our jobs! According to Dr Millard this is not a new fear; in fact we’ve been predicting the rise of robots as early as 1928.  It seems as soon as we invented technology we became paranoid that it was going to replace us.

Dr Nicola Millard, who is head of customer insight and futures at BT, talks about the implications and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on businesses and combined psychology with futurology to anticipate risks and issues for organisations.

Our focus should be on how technology can help us work smarter instead of focusing on which tasks/roles will be replaced by technology. Dr Millard dislikes the term AI as she doesn’t see using technology as a ‘rip and replace’ approach, instead we should strive for Augmented Intelligence because as humans we’re much better at completing certain tasks than robots are.

In the following video, Dr Millard explains how we can use robots and automation to enhance our working lives.