Talent management

Internal audit leaders are having to think more strategically about their talent management planning than ever before. The success of an internal audit function is dependent on its people, so the inability to hire and retain the right talent is a significant risk. 

From transitioning to the millennial majority workplace, to ensuring diversity and building a strong talent pool, here you can find guidance on developing a strong internal audit team.

Building a great team culture
Key steps to develop a positive working environment.

Coach vs Mentor
What's the difference between the two and understand what a good coach and/or mentor can do for you.

Future-proofing internal audit: Successful succession planning
Discover the ins and outs of achieving successful succession planning.

How to attract high calibre talent into internal audit
To meet stakeholder expectations, finding the best talent with the right skills and experience is critical.

Leading through apprenticeships
The role of internal audit in maximising the benefits of apprenticeship schemes.

Mentoring and developing talent in internal audit
Cost-effective ways to support the learning and development needs of your employees.

Mindful leadership for audit leaders
Understand the meaning of mindfulness and discover mindful techniques for leading better in internal audit. 

The millennial internal auditor
Key points to consider in accommodating the next generation of internal auditors.

Transforming from manager to leader
Steps to take to successfully transition to an internal audit leader.

Workforce planning: the internal audit function in 2025
Learn how you can be ready to embrace chance and create a plan now to be prepared fro the workforce of the future.