Corporate governance

Internal audit leaders play a critical role in promoting good corporate governance, which has now established itself as a boardroom priority. Exactly how it should be audited remains at the forefront of any internal audit leaders' mind. 

Here, we bring together our latest materials on how to assess whether your corporate governance stands in the way of the organisation’s ethos and goals.

2018 Corporate governance code
Read about the changes and their relevance to internal auditors.

Audit committee effectiveness
We look at what practical steps you can take as an audit leader to directly influence the effectiveness of your audit committee, the backstop of good governance.

Boardroom diversity
Read about how internal audit can provide assurance over boardroom diversity.

Corporate governance and culture
This piece focuses on the governance requirements related to corporate culture. It encourages audit leaders to think about the importance of culture assurance and the plethora of guidance that is available.

Disruptive business models
In this paper we explore what disruptive means and its implications for internal audit’s role to enhance and protect an organisation.

Everything you need to know about the FRC Stewardship Code 2019 update
In October 2019, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published its long awaited update to the UK Stewardship Code. In this paper, we look at key changes to the code and provide insights for audit leaders across all sectors to consider.

Governance leadership and the role of a company secretary
In this piece, we explore governance leadership and the role of a company secretary – including the relationship company secretaries share with chief audit executives and the similarities that exist between both roles.

Harnessing the power of the internal audit code of practice
We look at two of the most important professional publications of recent times and how audit leaders can use them to best effect with their key stakeholders.

Non-executive recruitment: the role of internal audit
Read about the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code from an internal audit perspective: Non-Executive Recruitment, Viability Statements, Audit Committee Effectiveness, Culture and the Workforce Voice.

Risk committee guidance for audit leaders
This short thought leadership piece provides an overview of guidance by the Risk Coalition and potential implications of it for audit leaders. Although initially for the financial services sector, there is an intention to extend the reach of this guidance to other sectors in line with other governance codes.

The governance imperative
Internal audit’s role in preventing poor governance practices.

The workforce and the board
We focus on the requirement for board engagement with the workforce view of the organisation and encourage audit leaders to think about what new assurances or consulting activity may be needed.

Viability statements: the role of internal audit
This paper explores what a good statement looks like, the process behind it and the provision of assurance.

What does your audit committee know about risk?
Here, we explore this idea and things you can do to build a more powerful partnership with your board, audit and risk committees.

Where was internal audit? Corporate failures and the role of IA
‘Where were you?’ is the question asked of external audit when corporate failures hit the headlines. We take a candid look at the role of internal audit and ask whether it is a reasonable expectation that internal audit has 20/20 foresight at all times.