Managing internal audit activity

Heads of internal audit play a crucial role in aligning their function’s work to support the organisation’s objectives, work with management and developing effective internal audit plans. 

From how to work more efficiently, better collaboration with others in the organisation, to integrated risk assurance, this section gives insights on managing the overall internal audit activity.

Audit leaders driving the profession forward
Engage with the institute as we progress the journey of internal auditing – confidently moving forward on strong foundations, taking the institute, the profession and members to new horizons.

Vendor risk management
How to ensure that meaningful assurance is provided with limited resources.

Integrated risk assurance
Key steps for making integrated assurance a reality.

Communication skills - leading from the top
A overview of the skills needed to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Assurance mapping
Exploring the concept of assurance mapping and its benefits and challenges.

Maintaining a professional internal audit function
Key qualities that constitute professionalism.

Working more efficiently
Exploring efficiency and providing ideas on how to work smarter rather than harder.

Working more effectively
Exploring effectiveness and providing ideas on how to work on what really matters.

Setting up an internal audit function
Whether you are setting up a new internal audit function or looking to reshape one this will be of interest.

Setting up an internal audit: case study
Les Krepa, former Head of Internal Audit shares his experience of common learnings from setting up three very different internal audit functions.

Creating the audit plan
We explore the concept of audit planning at both a strategic and tactical level.

HIA insights for sensitive investigations
Imagine the scenario. You are asked to investigate something that your boss is associated with, that the CEO has done or that could cancel corporate bonuses. How do you react? What do you do? Who do you turn to?