Emerging risks

For internal audit leaders, identifying and mitigating emerging risks that your organisation may not even be aware of is a key part of the job. It is therefore important to keep on top of upcoming risks so that they do not take you by surprise. 

This section provides insights on risk areas that should be prioritised by internal audit leaders as you prepare your audit plans and make longer-term risk assessments.

An internal audit perspective on the 2019 Spring Budget
The Spring Budget is a non-fiscal, no announcements update on the economy. We briefly outline potential assurance and consultancy activities for audit leaders to consider in relation to key aspects of the Budget.

Grenfell anniversary: what has changed?
What can internal audit do to be proactive?

Insights from Internal Audit 2018
Discover the key takeaways for audit leaders from our annual conference: Internal Audit 2018. We’ve created four themes to share our thoughts; trust, governance, digital and soft skills.

Internal audit in 2040: are we ready?
Read about how internal audit could change in the near future.

Internet of Everything - a connected, intelligent world
The risks facing organisations utilising the Internet of Everything.

Leaders' Conference 2019 insights
Kick back with a 10-minute summary of the 2019 Leaders' Conference. A great refresher for delegates and a quick way to catch up if you missed it. We hope to see you next time!

Learning from events and black swans
In this thought leadership content, we offer insights into the lessons from high profile events in relation to ongoing internal audit priorities. Sometimes those events are described as unforeseen, so called black swans.

The case for climate governance assurance
In this piece, we take a look at some of the latest climate information and offer suggestions on how to make climate assurance part of the audit plan.