Podcast: Risking it all for the truth

Internal auditors may ask what they have to learn from an investigate journalist such as Stephen Grey, who has found his own life at risk in the pursuit of a feature.

His compelling storytelling reveals many parallels with the role of internal audit. From his opening gambit talking about the focus of his role being to “spot wrongdoing, prove wrongdoing, and be effective in getting the story out,” the links are self-evident and compelling.

Grey uses anecdotes to explore the topics of asking the right questions, establishing trust, analysing data, demonstrating objectivity and acting professionally; recognising the value of humour because “it also helps to be mildly entertaining”.

He adds: “If you want to bore for England and ask endless questions about work, at some point people will give up talking to you.”

He speaks frankly about the challenges and the importance of being a truth teller saying, “confronting something wrong always takes courage, even if it’s your job to do so.”

In looking at Grey’s experiences, internal auditors will recognise their own strengths and attributes such as the virtue of patience, following a trail and asking why when others accept what they are being told.

“Let’s rock the boat” is a clear theme throughout.…