Podcast: Chapter 3 – Changing perceptions and emerging risks

Futurologist, Ben Hammersley, engaged audit leaders on a mind-blowing journey into the not so futuristic environment that is rapidly becoming a reality for the organisations in which we work.

In chapter 3, Hammersley addresses changing perceptions and the risks that are emerging. He reminds internal auditors that they are “the keepers of truth” at a time when objectivity and truth are going to increase in value – particularly in respect of cybercrime.

Sharing ways in which futurologists think ahead, he helps internal auditors to recognise emerging risks and maintain relevance in a fast-moving environment. One interesting concept Hammersley refers to is the Overton Window: “the acceptable range of political arguments, spotting the direction in which it is moving is one way to learn to be a futurist.”

To help with freeing the mind he uses two techniques including continual mindfulness or Kaizen as it is also known. He refers to it as Constant Legacy Free Reinvention and it involves asking two questions of everything you do – listen to the podcast to learn all about it.…