Podcast: Authenticity in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion are widely recognised as being important in the workplace. Internal auditors and risk managers particularly value diverse thought as a way to mitigate the dangers of group think.

According to Paul Skinnider, an experienced auditor and member of the Chartered Institute’s Scotland Committee, diversity of itself is not enough.

He explains the value of being authentic in the workplace and how time spent filtering out who you are is draining and that energy can be more productively used. Skinnider says that “genuine professional conversations are a cornerstone to doing good audit work” and having the ability to be authentic helps to build trust.

Authenticity within a team environment is great but the real value is across an entire organisation from a cultural perspective, the tone at the top “but quite often that blocking middle piece stops it going through the organisation. It needs to be connected across all parts of the organisation.”

Skinnider shares practical examples of how organisations can help to create positive cultures where authenticity can thrive. Examples include the value of reverse mentoring is explored and the role of allies in building understanding and awareness across communities.…