Talking heads

Join our resident chief professional practice adviser Liz Sandwith as she chats to a variety of industry experts and specialists for our series of podcast.

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Why obsessing over report writing makes sense

Heena Patel, Internal Audit, RSA

Heena shares her thoughts on providing insights that matter and focusing on the key mechanisms for reporting.

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Coaching vs mentoring

Identifying the need for a coach and/or mentor generally comes from change, either the necessity to change or the desire for change. Hear from a certified coach and head of internal audit discuss their views on coaching and mentoring.

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Innovation in auditing

Nick Curle, Head of Audit Strategy and Change, Barclays Internal Audit 

Nick shares his experience of adopting the agile framework at Barclays and shares his thoughts around how internal audit can grasp opportunities such as the use of data analytics to innovate their approach to auditing. 

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Top tips for generalists on auditing IT

Greg Warland, Barclays Internal Audit

Greg talks about how to overcome the challenges of auditing a highly specialist area when you're not a specialist IT auditor.

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Auditing in local government

Ruth Lowry, Head of Internal Audit at Lancashire County Council

Ruth explains how auditing in local government differs from other sectors – and even central government.

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Working with the audit committee

Paul Boyle, former Chief Audit Officer at Aviva

Paul talks about how HIAs can champion better governance, control and compliance in their organisations.

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Vision for the profession 

Mike Taylor, President of the Chartered IIA

Mike shares his vision for the profession and gives his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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Reputation currency 

James Bickford, (former) Reputation Institute